CMA General Body Meeting will be held on February 11th 2017 @ 3662 Ellengale Dr, Mississauga. We request all Lifetime Members to attend the meeting.



  • Our Vision

    To Celebrate and promote malayalee culture & values by organizing social, cultural and literary events.
    • Amalgamate new and existing Malayalees for continued exchange of opportunities and growth while maintaining cultural roots and family bonds.
    • Provide forum to maintain and share Kerala culture, heritage and literature among younger generations Provide learning opportunities in Kerala culture and literature Celebrate Malayalee festivals such as Onam, Kerala Piravi, Christmas .
    • Cooperate with other organizations with similar vision to integrate Malayalee community in Canada. Strengthen the family values by serving all those in need with special focus on mutual help.
    • Participate in celebrations under the aegis of the Indian Consulate such as the Indian Republic Day and Independence Day being organised by Panorama India